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71 Proven Benefits

A daily plantshake provides 71 research-proven benefits that help you feel tip top every day.

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Sustained Energy

Keep fatigue at bay all day

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Nourished Gut

Prebiotic fibre for the microbiome

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Strong Defences

The ammunition your immnue system needs

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Glowing Skin

Boosts collagen production

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Lighting Focus

Less brain fog & better focus

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Healthy Heart

Helps to manage & reduce cholesterol

100% of daily vitamin needs.
All the essential minerals.
High absorption 'food' state.
Antioxidants + polyphenols.
No fillers, binders or casings.
Two of your five a day
Yummy flavours.

Daily FOGA
£2.38 per day
Greens Powder
£3.23 per day
Premium Multivit
£1.10 per day
Daily FOGA
100% of daily vitamin needs
All the essential minerals
High absorption 'food' state
Antioxidants + polyphenols
No fillers, binders or casings
Two of your five a day
Yummy flavours
£2.38 per day


Pair our portable FOGAMATIC blender with your plantshakes for silky smooth shakes, every time.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start to feel the benefits?

It depends! Many people start to feel the benefits of adding so many fruit & veggies into their diet within the first week or so, reporting improved energy very quickly. 

The real benefits take time to kick in though as – particularly fat soluble – vitamins build up over time. After a month, people report seeing noticeable clearer skin & better focus. 

After 3 months, people say things like “I realise that the vitamins I’ve taken for years weren’t working. This is how I’m meant to feel” (that’s what Libby said recently after 3 months of daily plantshakes).

What can it replace?

We created plantshakes to fill all the gaps in a British diet, so you should be able to replace virtually any supplement.

With 71 proven benefits, they contain as much active nutrients as any vitamin & mineral supplement you’ll find. This means you can use a plantshake in place of your:

  • Skin supplement
  • Energy supplement
  • Brain supplement
  • Anti-ageing supplement
  • Immunity supplement
  • Recovery supplement

If in doubt, just pop our experienced team a question on hello@fogashakes.com.

How can powdered be better than fresh?

Freeze dried produce is as nutritious as if you picked it yourself. Our process stops the natural oxidation of produce, so it’s picked in season & preserved for when you need it.

A freeze dried strawberry retains 100% of it's Vitamin C, while a fresh one loses it in days.

Why is "Food State" better?

Our nutrients are “grown” into real foods, not synthesised in a lab. This means they’re complex food structures, that our bodies digest and absorb more readily.

We amplify absorption by pairing them with the cofactors in seasonal fruit & veg, for maximum efficacy.

How much real fruit & veg is in each drink?

We pack at least 160g of fresh, seasonal fruit & veg into every shake. That’s two of your five a day. No pill can come remotely close to that!

You may be wondering how to squeeze so much produce into 25g of powder. The answer is freeze drying – a process that removes all of the heavy water in fruit & veg, without affecting the valuable nutrients.

This means we can perfectly preserve & powder produce, ready for when you need it most.

How often should I have one?

For best results, we recommend having a plantshake every day alongside your normal diet.

If that doesn’t work for you, remember that you’re better off with a high quality supplement every other day, than a cheap one daily, so a shake every few days will still make a difference.

What do they taste like?

Delicious! And don’t just take our word for it, check out our thousands of 5* reviews!

They vary a lot, so you’ll be able to find loads you love in the rainbow of flavours – we always recommend choosing a wide variety to keep it interesting and to explore the range. 

Our shakes taste exactly like you whizzed up the fresh fruits in a blender. With no sweeteners, flavourings or texture enhancers, you’ll find them naturally sweet with a little texture from the produce. They’re not artificially sweet or strangely gloopy & thick!

How do I make them?

Add the powder to 250ml of water or (plant) milk. Whizz for a few seconds in a blender or shake like you’re making a cocktail.

We designed the FOGAMATIC to be the perfect partner for our shakes, giving you silky smooth drinks every time.