Fresher than Fresh

From the moment it is picked, fruit & veg start to lose nutrients to oxidation. In the days and weeks between harvest & shop shelf, the decline can be significant. Freeze drying stops oxidation in its tracks, meaning you get all the health benefits you should helping you feel better and waste less.

How, exactly, does this work.

Remember the word sublimation from GCSE science? That’s what’s at work here. Fruits & veggies, picked at peak ripeness, are flash frozen immediately. They’re then put into a vacuum chamber, where the air pressure is reduced and the temperature slowly raised. This combination causes the frozen water to evaporate straight out (without turning to liquid first) and preserving all the goodness that nature provided. When you add liquid later, it revives the produce to fresh. 

Deep Freeze

Plants are cryogenically frozen (-30°C) as soon after harvest as possible to lock in the nutrition.

Drop the Pressure

The produce goes into a vacuum chamber, dropping the pressure and gently drying them out.

Cold Grind

The dried fruits & veggies are gently ground into a powder ready to be revived when you need.

Show me some Numbers

Scientists have long know about the benefits of freeze drying – it’s used for medicines and to prep food to send to the astronauts – but more recently, they’ve got their teeth into freeze drying’s amazing ability to preserve the nutritional benefits of plants.

Most plants start to decline in the nutritional value from the moment they’re picked. These results are from a study performed by Sheffield Hallam University on fresh v freeze dried strawberries, showing that freeze drying halts the decline almost completely.

Nutritional analysis of Strawberries 7 days after harvest

FOGA - Freeze Dried Fruit Nutrition Comparison Chart - For Plantshakes - Freeze Drying Graph

* most ‘fresh’ fruit and veg takes almost three times this to make it to the supermarket shelves.

Always in Season

Freeze drying lets us pick produce at peak ripeness, and preserve it for when you need it. No refridgeration, no additives, no deterioration. 

Your FOGA shakes, smoothies and lattes are always packed with taste, vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants.