Business for Good

We do things differently to big food, in every way. Our products are clean, and we want our business to be too. Acting in a sustainable way is at the heart of FOGA’s mission and purpose. Here’s how we’re different to the big bad boys. 


Our circular recycling programme prevents our packaging from ending up in landfill, which unfortunately is where most compostable packaging options end up. We provide a pre-paid envelope to return your empties. We then recycle them with our partner, Terracycle.


Through our partnership with OneTreePlanted we’ve planted 10,000 trees in the last year. That’s enough trees to offset a business 10 times our size! OneTreePlanted focus on areas of the world most affected by deforestation – such as Australia, the Amazon Rainforest and India.


Plantshakes can be stored without refrigeration for up to 12 months, meaning they don’t require additional energy.They are lightweight, and don’t take up much room so can be shipped using existing delivery networks.


We have rigorous standards with our suppliers. 98% of the ingredients we source are from Organic farmers, which means less pesticide pollution, healthier soils, and more nutritious produce. With 60 years of farmable soil left, supporting ethical, organic farmers who work with nature, is one of the most sustainable impacts we can have on our food system.


Our packs have 30x less plastic than a regular smoothie served in a plastic bottle. As soon as we can find a plastic free material that preserves the nutrition and can be widely composted, we’ll use it.


Food waste is a huge problem – if it were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter of green house gases. In the UK 7m tonnes of food waste is generated by households. That’s you and me throwing away brown bananas and mushy spinach.


Lightweight, low volume packs make distribution a breeze compared with heavy, refrigerated smoothies & fresh produce, helping to reduce the impact of our deliveries.

We’re a small business, which enables us to be very nimble. If you have any ideas of things we could do better, please don’t hesitate to contact us on