Our mission is to make fruit & veg fit into busy lives, because we know plants are the best thing for our bodies and the best food for the planet.

Freeze drying lets us preserve produce at its most nutritious, helping to reduce food waste (and associated greenhouse gasses) while increasing the potency of these amazing ingredients compared with supermarket produce. Our powders are super sensitive to water vapour, so we need specialist packaging to protect them. This is also why we use individual portion pouches, not bulk packs. 

Most food grade sachets end up in landfill, because they require specialist recycling. Contributing to more landfill goes against everything we believe, so in every box you’ll find a pre-paid envelope to send back your used pouches to us. Collect at least 10 and pop them in the post. We recycle them through specialists ensuring nothing goes to Landfill.

We’ll keep reusing envelopes as long as possible, so if yours isn’t pristine, it means your part of the circular economy – neat!


Zero to landfill couldn’t be easier.

Collect (at least) 10 empty pouches

Fill your prepaid envelope

Post them back to us

Need another envelope? You can click here to download the file and print one at home.