Full Terms & Conditions

Store Credit

On acceptance to the FOGA Affiliate Programme, you will be given a balance of credit to spend on our products to enable you to promote them. This balance will be replenished on the first day of each month (credit cannot be rolled over or accrued). The more referrals you generate, the more credit you will be granted, in accordance with the table below:

0 – 5 Referrals – £0
5 – 15 Referrals – £30
15 – 40 Referrals – £50
40 + Referrals – £100

There is no cash alternative available to this credit.


20% commission will be paid on the first approved purchase made by a customer referred using your link, or using your discount coupon.

On acceptance to the FOGA Affiliate Programme, you will be given access to a dashboard where you can track visits & referrals. Commission will be paid monthly by PayPal.

We reserve the right to reject referrals in accordance with the terms below.

Incentive Coupons

You will be granted a discount coupon as well as a referral link. The coupon code will offer a 10% discount and free shipping unless negotiated otherwise. 

This coupon code must only published on your own site(s) and/or social media. If the code is published on other sites – particularly any discount sites – we reserve the right to reject referrals at our discretion.

Assets & Branding

A suite of banners and other image formats is available on request. Please email ollie@foga.co with specific requirements.

Images must not be altered without approval. 

PPC Policy
FOGA does not allow publishers to bid on any of their brand terms, a full list of brand terms can be found in the PPC tab & should be added to your negative keyword list.

Transaction Value
All commissions are paid on the gross value of the sale minus any delivery charges, credit card fees, or gift wrapping services. A list of reasons why commissions may be declined can be found in the Transactions tab.

A full list of Foga’s wider terms and conditions are set out and updated from time to time at foganortherncomfortstaging.kinsta.cloud/terms