Five Signs You Need a Detox

The science behind detox claims

We deal in evidence here at FOGA, so let’s deal with the elephant in the room…. there are no products that “detoxify the body”. Your body is an incredibly complex ecosystem – in which half of the cells are not human – and no tea, shake or diet will magically detox it.

However, our bodies have incredibly advanced detoxification systems to keep us clean, healthy, and safe. Your liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, gut microbiome, even skin & lungs work in harmony to expel toxins – but our busy modern lives put them under quite some pressure! At FOGA, when we talk about detox, we don’t mean that our shakes will have some magic detoxification effect. That’s nonsense. We mean that through concerted effort, we can reduce the pressure on our detoxification systems (by reducing intake & production of toxins to process) and give them the fuel that helps them function best (through nourishing vitamin & mineral-rich foods) to give them a chance to catch up. We call it a reset.

We recommend doing this sort of detoxing reset a couple of times a year, but if you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s probably best to plan a reset week sooner rather than later.

You’re always tired & lethargic

If you’re always tired, it might be a sign that your body is struggling to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle. When we’re constantly exposed to pollutants, stress, and artificial light, our detoxification systems can become overloaded. A reset week can give your body a break and help it to catch up. Detoxing also helps our bodies to manage the negative effects of stimulants like caffeine and alcohol better.  

You’re always hungry or craving sugar

One of the first things you notice on our 7 Day Reset Plan is that your hunger will reduce significantly, and cravings for sugary foods disappear. Detoxing gives your body the resources it needs to function properly and on top of that, fat cells contain toxins too – so by burning them for fuel during a detox week, we can remove some more toxins from our system! We also recommend reducing intake of stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol for this reason – both lead to increased cortisol levels in the body which slows down metabolism speed.

Your skin has taken a turn for the worse

This is one of the most telling signs that your body needs a reset. Detoxing can help promote healthy skin by aiding liver function which will lead to better breakdown and excretion of waste products. Detox weeks also help with managing breakouts as they enable your system to better regulate hormones, and balance blood sugar levels.

You’re feeling low in energy

We all have those days where we struggle to get out of bed and drag ourselves through our day, but if you find yourself having several such days, it’s time for a reset! Our 7 Day Reset Plan gives our bodies extra nourishment and over time will increase your energy levels naturally. In 2021, people on the plan saw an average improvement in energy levels of 85% – that’s nearly double – with up to 300% increase! Detoxing helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress caused by elevated cortisol levels (which itself can lower energy levels) and enhances the function of mitochondria – the powerhouses in each cell which produce energy – via increased metabolic rate.

Your breath smells like nail polish remover!

This one isn’t exactly about feeling good but it’s certainly something that we could do without! Bad halitosis (AKA “morning breath”) is often a sign that our gut microbiome is under pressure from things such as stress. Detoxing encourages healthy gut bacteria by feeding it lots of nutrient-rich foods to enable it to do its job well. Toxic overload from the liver also leads to fewer good bacteria in our digestive systems so eating a fibre & polyphenol rich during a detox helps restore diversity and improves function of these helpful little critters.

Detoxing is a great way to give our bodies the break they need in order to catch up and restore balance. Our 7 Day Reset Plan is specifically designed to do just that – reduce hunger, cravings, and fatigue while promoting healthy skin and better energy levels. If you’re noticing any of the five signs mentioned in this article, it might be time for you to consider a detox week!

Time for a reset?

Drawing on principles of intermittent fasting, gut health science & detox, our 7 Day Reset plan is proven to boost energy levels, improve skin & gut health, all while losing a few stubborn pounds too.


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