Food State – The Gold Standard in Nutrition

Ever taken a multivitamin and seen your pee go bright yellow? That’s the B-vitamins passing right through you. Food state supplements are, at least in part, about combatting this. About providing your body with the nutrients that it needs in a way that it is best adapted to digesting and absorbing them

The Problem

Let’s take iron as an example – we need to consume around 2mg of iron per day, but clearly, we can’t chomp on metal shards and expect to digest them – we need to extract it from complex structures in food. Most vitamin and mineral supplements on the market are synthetic. They’re pure versions of vitamins & minerals that were made in a laboratory. It’s like consuming metal shards – your body doesn’t know what to do with it.

To best absorb nutrients from our food, we need to receive them in a form that our body (and gut microbiome) is adapted to digest. Furthermore, it’s clear that other “co-factors” in food influence how readily we absorb nutrients. You’ve heard that we need Black Pepper to absorb Turmeric better – that’s a co-factor at work.

The Solution

Food state nutrition provides a way around this. Rather than trying to provide your body with lab made nutrients that it doesn’t recognise, food state supplements are grown as real food, which makes them the most natural form of supplements available. As they are contained within food substances, the body recognises them as food and is able to utilise them better. There are over 50 scientific studies demonstrating the enhanced absorption of nutrients from food-state form.

They’re also significantly friendlier on the gut,  as they don’t contain any harsh binders or artificial chemicals. This is why food state supplements are often recommended for people with gut issues.

To put it simply: a food-state vitamin is as close to the real thing as you can get.

What’s different about the FOGA Food State Complex?

When it came to creating a proprietary multivitamin blend to enhance our drinks – we had to find the best, and one that’s plant based. As believers in the power of food as medicine, it was incredibly important to us that we found the cleanest and most natural form possible.

The majority of our vitamins & minerals are infused into germinating buckwheat sprouts. As the tiny seeds are sprouting, the shoots are fed a vitamin-rich solution which they absorb. They are harvested & dried in the same way as our fruit & veggies, locking in a consistent, measurable, dose of the vitamin inside. It’s as natural as supplements get, and as close to real food as possible.

Having crafted our ideal blend on paper – meticulously balanced to provide full spectrum support for as many people as possible, we realised that we would need to do something different for Magnesium and Zinc. We simply couldn’t get enough of these essential minerals into the shoots. Knowing that the standard Magnesium Citrate wasn’t going to work (it’s incredibly harsh on the gut), our nutrition team found an alternative. We opted to use premium minerals that are bonded to two amino acid chains. It’s much kinder on the gut, much easier to absorb, and much closer to food than anything else available.

Each delicious, nutrient-dense sip of our high absorption multivitamin smoothie blends is designed to give you all the nutrition your body needs. With just a few quick steps and no difficult preparation time or unsourceable ingredients list, it’s never been easier to stay healthy.