Glowing Skin All Christmas Long

Our guide to keeping your skin feeling soft, supple & glowing when you’re burning the candle at both ends.

Does it sometimes feel like your skin is out to get you? Everything feels great, and then out of the blue puffy, dry skin & unwanted breakouts at just the wrong time!? Changes to our normal eating, sleeping and drinking habits often show up on our faces first. Lots of us suffer with festive skin complaints like breakouts or dry flaky skin, caused by a cocktail of factors – often in combination – including stress, changes in weather and poor diet habits.

Fortunately, our holistic health approach can all but guarantee to keep you glowing through even the most hedonistic of holidays, so we’ve compiled our top tips to keep you glowing from inside out. Dr Sam Bunting, skincare expert says: “Blustery winds, harsh weather and constant central heating can deplete your protective skin barrier which often leads to dry, tight and potentially irritable skin.”

Glowing Winter Skin is about Caring for Your Skin Barrier

“Our skin barrier is the protective yet delicate outer layer of skin that’s made up of lipids to cement skin cells together. Acting almost like your skin’s security guard, your barrier works to keep out irritants, pollution and dirt while retaining moisture, but a compromised skin barrier will exacerbate several skin conditions. 

Dr Sam Bunting, skincare expert says: “Blustery winds, harsh weather and constant central heating can deplete your protective skin barrier which often leads to dry, tight and potentially irritable skin.” 

Knowing how to restore your skin barrier is key to happy, healthy skin over winter.” 

Smart Hydration for Happy Skin

Cold winter air accelerates the speed that we lose moisture from our skin , so it’s extra important to stay hydrated this festive season. But staying hydrated doesn’t just mean guzzling 2 litres of water a day…

“You also need to hydrate from within, but it’s not just a matter of drinking more water because we also need the minerals and electrolytes to hydrate our skin.

When we filter water we filter out all the contaminants but also all the minerals & electrolytes so we need to add these back in.” Dr. Trevor Cates author of the best selling Clear Skin From Within.

Coconut water & Bananas top the list for natural foods high in electrolytes, both contain potassium and magnesium. A smoothie is a great way to keep you truly hydrated throughout the festive season, with the added bonus of tasting delicious and supporting gut health (which in turn also supports clear skin – win win!).

You are what you eat

Diet and skin are intrinsically linked. From helping to protect against damaging oxidative stress, to helping to produce collagen for soft supple skin, the foods that we eat have a huge impact on the health of our skin. Luckily, these simple rules will help keep you glowing until 2022!

Eat colourful foods every day   

Eating a rainbow of colourful fruit & vegetables every day will help support your skin regeneration from the inside, which will help to keep that healthy glow throughout the festive season.

Vibrant colours point to powerful antioxidants in fruit & veg, and it’s these antioxidants that we need to protect our skin. Dr. Trevor Cates author of the best selling Clear Skin From Within says “Oxidative damage is one of those big underlying causes, especially with  accelerated ageing. We want to get lots of antioxidant rich foods in our diet, so lots of colourful fruits & vegetables are a big part of it. I really encourage people to eat a variety of them because it also helps the microbiome when you eat a diverse array of plants” 

Eat Vitamin C Rich Fruits

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known and recommended antioxidants for healthy skin because it’s essential for the production of collagen, which is responsible for healthy plump skin. Getting enough vitamin C from natural sources will ensure that your skin is able to create new collagen. 

Other important antioxidants include; Beta carotene found in carrots, sweet potatoes & mangos, luetin, found in leafy greens are important antioxidants for skin repair and regeneration & polyphenols found in berries which help to reduce ageing.

Want an easy way to eat the rainbow?

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Healthy Fats for a Fabulous Face

Healthy fats are essential for keeping your skin supple and glowing over the festive season. Aim to eat a variety of nuts & seeds which help to decrease inflammation and protect your skin’s natural lipid barrier. Some of the best skin boosting healthy fats are almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, avocado. 

Dr Sam Bunting says “​​the right nutrition can help to boost your skin barrier. Eating for skin health and hydration is far more impactful than drinking water.” She recommends good fats from nuts, avocado and oily fish are ideal or supplement with Omega 3 or flaxseed.”

Surprisingly Successful Skincare Strategies

If you suffer from puffy face after ‘one too many’ festive tipples, a facial massage is your best friend. It manually stimulates lymphatic drainage which help to lift, contour and reduce facial tension. Facial massage also helps to promote blood circulation to your skin which allows it to repair and heal faster. 

Face Gym are the go to experts for facial massage – you can join their online classes to try their world famous facials from home! 

Avoid hot baths & showers 

Hot water can strip skin of essential moisture, and damage our skin barrier, so skin experts recommend keeping your showers to 10 minutes max, and to a warm rather than hot temperature. 

It’s important to keep the moisture in our skin, so when taking hot baths & showers, try layering an oil based cleanser or coconut oil on your skin before, to prevent skin from drying out. Moisturise immediately afterwards with a hydrating serum while skin is still damp.

Seasonalise your Skincare Routine

A few small tweaks to your routine can make all the difference in the winter. Focus on hydrating products that will boost your skin barrier, rather than harsh products that strip moisture from your skin. If you use a foamy cleanser, it’s a good time to switch to a hydrating cream or oil based cleanser which won’t damage your skin barrier. Layer products starting with a hydrating serum, lighter moisturizer followed by a rich facial oil which will act as a barrier, keeping the moisture in the skin layers rather than being pulled out by the dry air” says Micaela Nisbet, founder of Neighborhood Botanicals. 

Hydrating natural skincare products we rate for winter are By Sarah London’s Organic Facial Oil & Pai Skinare’s Rosehip Oil cleanser.

Glow from the Inside Out

Boosting your fruit & veg consumption is powerful and we make it easy. Try a FOGA Explorer Pack today see for yourself just how powerful.