Just when you were looking for something new to worry about, Dermatologists have come to the rescue with inflammaging – the condition which might be causing your skin to age faster than it should

What is inflammaging?

Inflammaging – that’s the words inflammation and ageing cleverly smushed together – refers to chronic, low level, inflamation in your skin that accelerates the reduction in collagen levels, appearance of wrinkles and redness; all normally associated with ageing skin. 

It’s not just about visible signs either, inflammaging damages the skin at the most fundamental level, weakening the skin barrier and topical microbiome. 

What causes inflammaging?

The bad news is that even the best skincare regime can’t keep inflammaging at bay because inflammaging is (mainly) caused by lifestyle and dietary factors

Stress is a significant cause – and no, I don’t mean extreme stress, I mean the constant state of stress that we live in today.

Constant notifications, 24 hour news, pandemics & politicians parties –  they add up to mean we live in the highest stress era of human history and it is affecting our skin. 

Our diet may compound these effects too, particularly if you eat a high fat diet, which promotes oxidative stress  and is directly corrolated with inflammaging.

What can you do to fight inflammaging?

Prevention is better than cure – and your two best friends are antioxidants and SPF.

UV and blue light both contribute to inflammation in the skin, so protection against them is a powerful first step. You can also protect and promote healing from within, with antioxidants. 

These phytonutrients (plant-nutrients) are in abudance in foods like Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Greens. Compounds like anthocyanins, polyphenols and vitamin c work in conjunction to provide strong antioxidant effects.

Best of all, these foods are delicious and low-calorie so you can load up to your heart’s content.

How FOGA can help combat inflammaging?

A daily plantshake is a powerful weapon against inflammaging, with ingredients like Acerola Cherry (super high in antioxidant vitamin C) and Wild Blueberry (one of the most antioxidant foods on the planet) as well as other skin nourishing ingredients like Vitamins D, E and K.

Best of all – with all the fibre of fresh produce, they’re also a great way to nourish your gut with helps to keep skin healthy. 

Just one of the myriad of ways that FOGA is helping support your health every day.

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