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The Favourites

The perfect introduction to FOGA, the The Favourite Ones is our best selling, most popular blends. You get a selection of our different blends to try the whole rainbow. Everything you need to get going, you get a 10 day supply of shakes and can add your preferred colour of FOGAMATIC with 40% off!


The Taster Pack

Try three plantshakes with our taster pack and see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy three of our best selling shakes to make in your blender or shaker at home.


Peach & Mango

A silky smooth tropical treat that's also banana free (by popular request!). Rich in skin nourishing compounds, it's an anti-ageing powerhouse. 79.3 kCal per serving. Make me with Water


Kiwi & Greens

Just like the green smoothie you make at home. With actual green vegetables – broccoli, spinach – and B-Vitamin packed spirulina. Best made with water


Tropical Greens

Clean & fresh tasting & loaded with greens, Tropical Greens is your little health secret.  Spirulina joins B-Vitamins to make this an energy enhancing superstar. 80 kCal per serving.  Best made with water


Strawberry & Mango

Fresh. Tropical. Juicy. Tastes like summer with organic strawberries, mango and peach. A skin nourishment powerhouse with 3g of gut friendly fibre to slow the absorption of the natural sugars. Make me with Water


Blackberry & Chia

This deliciously dark berry smoothie is fresh, zingy and packed full of polyphenols. Gut friendly chia seeds make up some of a whopping 7g of fibre, making this a gut health hero. Best made with water


Blueberry & Apple

Organic wild blueberres, apple, banana, mandarin & lemon make this a fresh, nutrient-packed smoothie with a hint of citrus. 98 Calories and 4g Fibre. Make me with water


Raspberry & Banana

Zingy, fresh and pulpy - tastes like you blended a punnet of fresh raspberries. Packed with fibre (20% of your daily target) and polyphenols so it's as much of a treat for your gut microbiome as it is for you. 94.1 kCal per serving. Make me with water


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Berries & Cinnamon

A classic berry pairing, elevated with spice. Flaxseeds provide extra fibre & omega-3s to enhance micronutrient absorption.

Make me with 250ml of Water or Plant Milk


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Peach & Cayenne

OK, berries and cayenne. You're gonna have to trust us on this one. Sweetness with a kick. Cayenne's active ingredient capsaicin is famed for its medicinal qualities; improved digestion and lower blood pressure just for starters. Best made with water.



The FOGAMATIC whips up your FOGA shakes to silken perfection while retaining maximum nutrition & flavour. Charge once a week for a daily smoothie that'll supercharge your health. Crafted to save you time & elevate your smoothies, the FOGAMATIC even cleans itself. There's a colour for every kitchen counter, handbag or rucksack.


Plantshake by Foga - Plant-Shaker

FOGA Plant-Shaker

Our plant-shaker is made from Tritan Plastic, so it's BPA-free, light, durable and stays beautifully transparent. It's got a handy 250ml mark for making your shakes in and the 400ml capacity means it makes a great water bottle for the rest of the day. The metal whisk ball shakes everything nice & smooth.